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2 Young Celebrities

We all love Holly and Avery
and are BFFs in every adventures
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About Us

Holly and Avery were born in 2002 and are young, but that did not stop them from being actual celebrities.

They are: actresses, singers, dancers and models eversinse they were three.

They live between Los Angeles,  New York, and have been in contact with Rome for several interviews, which is where they started their carriers. They have also moved to Paris and other locations for short periods of time because of their mother's works.

They have starred in many movies and series such as:

"Give a Little bit of Lovely" 2009, "The Tropical Land of Dreams" 2010  "White Heels" 2011, "New York Make-Up Goal" 2012, "Catch the Queen" 2013, "Life as a Star" 2014....                                                                                                                                                                                                           

They will also be working on a new movie that will be out next year


They met a lot of celebrities, and participated in many videos, fashion shows and events.

They continue to go to school even if all these things are going on in their lives.