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2 Young Celebrities

We all love Holly and Avery
and are BFFs in every adventures
They Love their fans

They have fans, friends, and relationships all over the globe, you might be one!!!!

They have won so many contests and awards for teens and children at such young conditions.

They obtained their goals so quickly for their talent and charm

Keep updated in what these two fantastic girls are up to!!!

Their parents are:

Holly: Natalie (mother) Andrew (father) Andrew (step father)

Avery: Alexia (mother) Vincent (father)

Holly and Avery have been BFFs since they were three having met each other at an audition for the series "Mary's Puffy Cat"

Holly Davis and Avery James can't wait to know many of their fans!!!!

Of course many of their fans have followed their paths and are inspired by the two wonderful girls.


Would you take part in the Showbiz at a young age or would you wait?

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These two incredible girls achived thier dreams and they encourage all of you to do the same! This website will teach to never stop believing in your self, because you can do it!



Do you believe in yourself? think about it....

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